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The First Licensed and Regulated Tokenized Crypto Currency Exchange & Index Fund based in the US

Pre-IPO Testing the Waters Phase is Live, 20% bonus ends in:








1 BLV = $1 USD

What is BlockVest?

Blockvest uses blockchain technology, digital identity, and digitize assets that are self-managed with smart contracts, to achieve a “smart economy” on a distributed network.

Blockvest (BLV) is an ERC20 token based upon the Ethereum blockchain. Operating on the blockchain allows for global accessibility, 24/7 trading, transparency, public verification of Blockvest’s holdings and no expensive legacy banking fees. Blockvest Nvestnodes generate passive income through asset backed profit sharing smart contracts. At it’s core, BLV is a security token that’s representative of the top performing cryptocurrency index. The initial tokens can only be acquired during the Token Generation Event (TGE) which is a one off, closed-cap offering. The tokens provided will represent a participant ’s share of the portfolio. Thirty percent of the total amount contributed during the offering will go directly towards buying the underlying index cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Investments issues tokens built on a profit-sharing smart contract. The company is proud to introduce the Token-As-Fund business model, which allows investors to subscribe to the fund’s income stream. To monitor the current reserves of the fund and the fund’s value, a self-certification system is included so shareholders can monitor their investment at any time. Performing daily self-certification of funds in conjunction with monthly external audits will ensure transparency and trust between BLV fund managers and shareholders. Blockchain Investments offers multiple open-end investment funds also known as Digital Asset Arrays or Bespoke Blockpools.

Blockchain Investments helps its clients create passive income from Blockvest Nvestnodes. Nvestnodes are similar to bitcoin mining but are a much more efficient use of the network and are much less complex. Nvestnodes have some crucial additional functionalities which give them more utility than Bitcoin. Utility is a primary driver of value for cryptocurrencies. Blockvest connects collateral holders with people who require low volatility, which creates an incentive-based market for stability. Collateral holders are rewarded when users transact in the stablecoin, compensating them for staking the system. We enable individual asset coins to be bundled and listed as Digital Asset Arrays similar to ETFs, Futures Contracts and Forex Currency Pairs. This will allow investors to diversify their Cryptocurrency portfolio with traditional financial products written on smart contracts, recorded on the Blockchain and settled in Cryptocurrency. The Blockvest Project is starting with Blockvest Nvestnodes but we anticipate a future of Bitcoin Nvestnodes, Ethereum Nvestnodes, BlockVest Blockchain Derivatives and more — all of which can be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges around the world and be traded globally.


Testing The Waters Phase


$1 BLV = $1 USD

BLV Tokens Sold:

  • 18%

Nvestnode Wallet

Blockvest Staking

Simply holding 1000 BLV in an Nvestnode generates passive income thru fees

Generate Nvestnode Passive Income

Active Nvestnodes are rewarded with Quarterly Digidends

Client-Side Encryption

100% secure wallet with no possibility of 3rd party risk or manipulation

Fully Transparent

All transactions are recorded and archived on the blockchain for trust and verifiability

Multi-Asset Support

Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others. Long term or short term, holds your assets safely

Yield Stable Coin

Due to the passive income and stability of the Yield stablecoin, the market capitalization of the BLV platform increases

Global Trading

All assets in one place

The fund invests in the top 30 cryptocurrencies and provides a secure exchange

Tokenized profit-sharing

A profit sharing formula that allows token holders to share in additional revenue

24/7 trading

The exchange is available 24/7/365

Fully Transparent

All transactions are recorded and archived on the blockchain for trust and verifiability

Decentralized exchange

The decentralized BLV exchange provides  a secure medium for multiple cryptocurrencies

BlockVest Blockchain Derivatives

Blockchain Index Funds, Blockchain Commodities, Blockchain FX Currency Pairs

100 million BlockVest tokens

The next generation of advanced solutions for global cryptocurrency investing

Why Use BlockVest?

BlockVest provides the benefits of the world’s top cryptocurrencies in one platform

Blockvest ~ Bitcoin


Blockvest ~ Bitcoin

Similar to Bitcoin, Blockvest is a decentralized, anonymous, autonomous, peer-to-peer payment network

Blockvest ~ Ethereum


Blockvest ~ Ethereum

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Blockvest is an ERC20 token and uses digital asset arrays within its ecosystem

Blockvest ~ Dash


Blockvest ~ Dash

Blockvest is similar in function to DASH by adopting its Masternode network architecture

Blockvest ~Litecoin


Blockvest ~ Litecoin

Similar to Litecoin, Blockvest charges low transfer fees and has incredibly fast network speed

Blockvest ~ Tether


Blockvest ~ Tether

Like Tether, Blockvest is a collateralized token that produces a Stablecoin with reduced volatility when put into an Nvestnode

Blockvest ~ Mutual Fund


Blockvest ~ Mutual Fund

Similar to a mutual fund Blockvest is a closed-end hybrid fund with a profit-sharing smart contract that pays quarterly digital dividends

Key Dates – 2018

The next generation of advanced solutions for global money transaction

Feb - Mar

• Release of white paper and technical plan

Release of white paper and technical plan description

April 1st - 30th

• Private Sale

50% Bonus for token purchases during the private sale

May 2018

•NFA Swap and Forex Firm Pending

June 2018

• SEC Reg A+ Securities Offering Approved

July 1st

• Pre-IPO Testing The Waters Phase

August 5th

• BlockVest DEX Launches Demo MVP Atomic Swap Platform

Q4 2018

• Full launch of the BlockVest Decentralized Exchange and launch of BlockVest Platform, Wallet, and Nvestnode

December 2018

• Global TGE

The BlockVest Token Generation Event (TGE) goes Live!

2019 - To Be Announced

• Global IPO

The highly anticipated launch of  the BlockVest Global Initial Public Offering



BLOCKVEST DEX LAUNCHES ITS DEMO MVP ATOMIC SWAP PLATFORM BlockVest Announces Its Official Launch Date of Atomic Swap version of its Crypto Exchange Across Multiple Events Thursday 2nd of August 2018, Manhattan, New York — BlockVest’s Founder Reginald Ringgold today...

BlockVest Distribution

BLV’s 100 million tokens are divided into two portions. The first portion of 50 million tokens will be distributed proportionally to supporters of BlockVest during the crowdfunding. This portion is yet to be distributed.

Any Questions?

Read the FAQ

1. What is Blockvest?

Blockvest is the use of blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, the use of smart contracts for digital assets to be self-managed, to achieve a “smart economy” with a distributed network. Blockvest (BLV) is an ERC20 token based upon the Ethereum blockchain.


Blockvest Nvestnodes generate passive income through asset backed profit sharing smart contracts. At its core, Blockvest is a Decentralized Blockchain Based Assets Exchange as well as a cryptocurrency index fund, which is a closed-cap, tokenized cryptocurrency portfolio that autonomously tracks the top 30 cryptocurrencies. We call it the Blockvest30 Index. The fund provides an easy way for the average investor to buy multiple cryptocurrencies all at once, without doing all the research.

2. What problem are we solving?

Blockvest aims to solve one of the biggest problem in the cryptocurrency industry –  volatility. Holders of Blockvest BLV Tokens will be able to earn a secondary Stablecoin denominated in US dollars called Yield (YLD). This Yield stablecoin will lock the value of Yield to $1 USD.

The second problem we look to solve is problems of trust and custodianship. The BLV token is a novel decentralized asset, whose intrinsic value is derived from the fees generated in the network it collateralizes as well as the right to receive quarterly earnings from the performance of the Blockchain Investments Fund. This enables a form of representative money in which there is no requirement for a physical asset, thus removing the problems of trust and custodianship.

3. How does it work?

Those who use the Yield stablecoin pay fees to those who process transactions within the BlockVest Decentralized Exchange and collateralize the network with Blockvest, compensating them for the risks of providing collateral and stability. Through this system, collateral providers control the money supply, and fees are distributed based on each Nvestnodes stabilization performance.

Blockvest uses this system to reward those who supply stability while charging those who demand stability. The end result is a Decentralized Exchange and balanced stablecoin ecosystem. Blockvest achieved this structure using two linked tokens – Blockvest (BLV) and Yield (YLD).

4. When will Bonus airdrops take place and what are the conditions for participation?

The bonus token airdrop is planned for delivery the last week of March. BlockVest Community members of record on March 31st will be eligible to receive the Bonus tokens.

5. What coins are accepted on Blockvest for exchange?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash can be exchanged for Blockvest on the BLV platform. Other coins will be added to the Blockvest Decentralized Exchange in Q4 of 2018.

6. How is the fund structured?

The CFTC has determined that cryptocurrencies are commodities. We believe investors will be best served with a regulated product, and thus are pleased to offer a fund subject to their jurisdiction.

Under the helpful eye of the CFTC and NFA, we look forward to providing certain qualified investors access to this evolving market”. The Fund will be managed by Blockchain Investment Group, LLP, a commodity pool operator registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and a member of the National Futures Association:

  Blockvest LLC, NFA ID#0512455

7. How is Blockvest compliant with SEC laws?

BlockVest Tokens Selling Policy.

In the United States, BLV Tokens will be offered and sold only to accredited investors as such term is defined in Rule 501(a) of Regulation D pursuant to the exemption provided by Section 4(A)(2) of the Securities Act and Rule 506(c) of Regulation D promulgated thereunder.

You can view Blockvest’s Form D here.

8. What is the Distribution Mechanism?

A single share in the investment fund represents one BLV token. The investment fund trades and invests in ICOs for cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash and Litecoin.


Digidends are paid out in BLV to Investornode account holders based on a class A Equity Share structure pursuant to section 506(c)

9. What are Digidends?

Digidends stands for (Digital Dividends). Digidends are paid out in BLV to Investornode account holders based on a class A Equity Share structure. Where Dividends are paid to Blockvest Token holders based on a percentage of the coins owned and the duration they are held.

10. What will be done with unsold tokens from the Pre-IPO and Global IPO?

All unsold BlockVest tokens will be locked away into a smart contract until the other half of the token allocation is released. After this time, unsold BlockVest tokens will be released incrementally up to a limit per time period to facilitate market making by filling buy orders during periods when sell side volume is scarce. This applies to unsold tokens allocated to Pre-IPO Testing the Waters phase, as well as the TGE and Global TGE phase.

BLV Tokens Sold

  • 18%

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