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BlockVest Announces Its Official Launch Date of Atomic Swap version of its Crypto Exchange Across Multiple Events

Thursday 2nd of August 2018, Manhattan, New York — BlockVest’s Founder Reginald Ringgold today announced during his keynote speech at the Fintech Week sponsored, Thompson Rueters event in Manhattan, New York, that the Demo MVP Exchange is live now.

The Live version of the Exchange, which is the flagship product of BlockVest, will be launched in Q4, 2018. The announcement comes after months of anticipation across the crypto world where they have eagerly prepared for the launch of BlockVest’s Exchange, and later its Yield Liquidity Pool.

Pre-registration to the BlockVest’s exchange is available at blockvestico.io.

Today marked a truly special occasion as BlockVest celebrated the announcement of the launch, knocking out yet another milestone event off the Roadmap. The first of which was SEC Reg A+ Securities Offering Approval.

In conjunction with the Exchange launch date announcement, BlockVest & Blockchain Exchange Commission also Sponsored Fintech Week, an Event hosted by Thompson Reuters which took place in NYC at one of the busiest commuter hotspots and financial centres, Times Square, whereby more than 350,000 people pass through every day.

BlockVest believes in constantly exceeding community expectations and today was no exception.

Global press were also present at the uplifting event, in order to disseminate footage of interviews and other key events on international television and media channels.

BlockVest’s Founder Reginald Ringgold commented on the launch:

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our DEMO MVP Exchange. found at Blockvestdex.io The community has been eagerly waiting, so it gives me great pleasure to announce that today is the official launch of our demo MVP with Atomic Swap and futures trading capabilities. This would not be possible without our Development Partners Stoks Market. It will be a staggered launch to 1,000 people initially, with future clients to be on-boarded in the days to follow.

“Following the BETA version of our Exchange where select members will test the platform, we are confident that we will satisfy the specifications stipulated to us by our community, and look forward to sharing in the successes of our upcoming official Exchange.”

The first lucky 1,000 people to experience the BlockVestDEX.io platform, will be contacted via email in the days before the launch.


Once the Platform goes live you will be required to be a holder of BLV Tokens in order to utilize the platform and have access to the resources within the Blockvest Ecosystem.


The BLOCKVEST main Token Sale goes live in Q4 of 2018 Click here to read more about the Hard Cap and the Token Sale itself. Moreover, BLOCKVEST is proud to have just under 12,000 Telegram active members in their official chat.

The exchange rate for the BLOCKVEST Token is 1 BLV = $1 USD. Investors can purchase tokens using BTC, ETH, . For those wishing to use FIAT currency, EUR and USD as well as VISA will be accepted in the near future.

“The economy today works with the help of innovative decisions focused on developing modes of cooperation for the benefit of only market makers. We face high service costs on depository and clearing sessions during the accounting cycle. As well as down-time and delays. Couple that with the current storage- and-accounting system of financial instruments includes maintenance of registers for confirmation of ownership, and clearing sessions for on-exchange settlements. Add in Lack of Transparency and you now have a breeding ground for Market corruption & Manipulation.” At BLOCKCHAIN INVESMENT GROUP we are about to change that. By introducing the BLOCKVEST Decentralized Crypto Exchange & Index Fund. Uber decentralized the taxi cab industry, AirBnB decentralized the hotel industry, Blockvest will decentralize the financial services industry.”


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