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Términos y Condiciones

Here the text for terms and conditions

1. Qué es Blockvest?

Blockvest (BLV) es un token ERC20 basado en la blockchain de Ethereum . Esto permite accesibilidad global, trading 24/7, transparencia, verificación pública de los balances de BLVs  y comisiones muy baratas.

2. Que problemas resuelve?

Blockvest aims to solve one of the biggest problems in the cryptocurrency industry – volatility.

Holders of Blockvest tokens will be able to issue a secondary token denominated in US dollars called Yield (YLD). This Yield toke will lock the value of the stablecoin to the USD.

3. Cómo funciona?

Those who use the Yield stablecoin pay fees to those who collateralize the network with Blockvest, compensating them for the risks of providing collateral and stability.

Through this system, collateral providers control the money supply, and fees are distributed based on each individual’s stabilization performance.

Blockvest uses this system to reward those who supply stability while charging those who demand stability. The end result is a balanced stablecoin ecosystem. Blockvest achieved this structure using two linked tokens – Blockvest (BLV) and Yield (YLD).

4. Cuando tendrá lugar el airdrop y cuales son las condiciones para participar?

The bonus token airdrop is planned for delivery the first week of September. Tokenholders of record on August 31st will be eligible to receive the Bonus tokens.

5. Qué monedas se aceptan para intercambio en blockvest?

Bitcoin and Ethereum can be exchanged for Blockvest on the BLV platform during the ICO.

6. Cómo se estructura el fondo?

  • 10% of the fund will be held in a reserve to ensure that the whole fund is never exposed at any point in time.
  • 30% of the fund will invest the Blockvest30 index which is a closed-cap, tokenized cryptocurrency portfolio that autonomously tracks the top 30 cryptocurrencies
  • Trades in undervalued cryptos will be conducted using 25% of the fund’s capital.
  • 20% of the fund will invest in high potential ICOs. BLV will secure a deep discount (up to 50%) on ICOs that have not yet been released for public sale.

7. Cuál es el mecanismo de distribución?

A single share in the investment fund represents one BLV token. The investment fund trades and invests in ICOs for cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash and Litecoin.

8. Qué es la aplicación Nvestnode y su ecosistema?

The BlockVest Nvestnode Ecosystem depends on the vitality of the open source community. To achieve a profitable economic network, BLV commits to the developing the ecosystem by providing mature development tools, improving documentmentation, and organizing education and training activities.

9. Qué son los Digidends?

Digidends are paid out in BLV to Investornode account holders based on a class A Equity Share structure. Where Dividends are paid to Blockvest Token holders based on a percentage of the coins owned and the duration they are held.

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