Langkah Melakukan perbaikan Permasalahan Suara Di MacBook Pro

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Blockvestico, MacBook Pro ialah laptop mengagumkan yang mempermudah pekerjaan produktivitas seperti menulis, mengubah photo, design grafis, mengubah video, atau mengecek e-mail. Tapi bila Anda ingin santai dengan satu atraksi atau dengarkan beberapa lagu, Anda membutuhkan suara di MacBook Anda supaya berperan seperti harusnya.

Bila MacBook Pro Anda tidak memutar suara, kami mempunyai beberapa trick yang kemungkinan sukses untuk Anda. Coba ini sebelum Anda tergesa-gesa untuk memperoleh satu set speaker baru!

Yang Harus Dilaksanakan Waktu Suara Tidak Berperan di MacBook Pro

Awalilah dengan dasar-dasarnya. Coba tip-tip ini sebelum Anda bergegas ke bar Brilian untuk memperoleh perbaikan yang mahal.

Volume Naik

Mengagetkan, saya tahu– tapi beberapa waktu, laptop kami cuma diam sebab kami memerintahnya. Tekankan suara pada aplikasi yang Anda pakai serta MacBook Pro yang Anda pakai dinyalakan secara benar. Akan membuat malu bila Anda membawanya jauh ke bengkel cuma untuk mendapatkan perbaikannya segampang itu!

Colokkan Headphone

Bila itu gagal, coba cara berikut: colokkan earphone Anda ke laptop serta melihat apa permasalahannya masih ada. Anda kemungkinan mendapatkan jika Anda bisa nikmati suara lewat headphone Anda, walau pengeras suara Anda masih tidak berperan Kadang kekeliruan dengan jack headphone bisa mengakibatkan laptop membaca seakan-akan headset dicolokkan, walau tidak ada apa saja disana. Permasalahan perangkat lunak bisa mengakibatkan permasalahan sama. Dalam beberapa masalah, cukup mencolokkan headphone Anda dan mengambilnya bisa mengakhiri permasalahan benar-benar!

Coba Aplikasi Lain

The sound issue may be particular to the application you’re using. Try another application to ensure the sound masalah is actually with your piranti, and not with the app.

For instance, if you are watching a movie from a streaming site and the sound isn’t working, you can cek iTunes or YouTube to see if the masalah will continue.

Restart Your MacBook Pro

Restarting your MacBook will final all kinds of issues, including ones involving sound. So, if your MacBook Pro’s sound still isn’t working, give it a quick reset.

To restart your MacBook, klik on the Apple simbol on the screen’s left corner and select restart. It’s a sederhana process. Once it’s ready, open the same app and play your movie or music again. By this time, it should be working.

Ensure There Aren’t Hardware Issues

There are instances when sound is not working on your MacBook Pro because there’s something socketged into the headphone/lineout port.

So, cek to know if there’s a red light on the port. If it’s there, it means that the port is either faulty or something is blocking it. Whichever be the kasus, try to clean dust and other tiny debris from the port to see if it will work.

See If You’re Running the Latest Mac OS

If you are not running the latest Mac Operating Sistem, it may affect a couple of functions; including the sound sistem. So, cek if your OS is up to date. If not, consider updating the latest version.

Klik on the Apple Menu and About this Mac. A new window with the version of operating sistem your MacBook Pro is using will open. If you are running an outdated OS, go to the app store to get the most recent version.

As a rule, ensure that you backup your Mac before installing a new version or Update the existing Operating sistem.

Cek Sound Settings

There are instances when your MacBook Pro sound not working is due to settings. So, you can cek the sound settings to ensure that you aren’t leaving anything to chance.

Start by removing all eksternal audio devices, like wireless earphones and eksternal speakers. Once you have done this, follow the steps below to cek the sound settings;

– Klik on Apple Simbol on the Teratas left corner of your screen

– Select sistem preference

– Find and klik “Sound”

– Klik the “Output” tab on the sound window

– Klik the internal “Speakers”

– If the mute box is ticked, uncheck it

– Move the slider to the right to increase the volume

– Close the window and see if the sound is working

Sometimes, you may see digital out instead of internal speaker, it’s an indication that eksternal devices are connected to your MacBook. What you should do is to disconnect all eksternal devices and cek the daftar again.


NVRAM is an acronym for Non Volatile Acak Access Memori while PRAM Stands for Patokan RAM. NVRAM keeps information relating to your MacBook Pro sound volume, startup disc selection, display resolution etc.

So, if you reset NVRAM or PRAM, MacBook pro sound issues may be restored. Here’s how to reset both NVRAM and PRAM.

#1. Power off Your Mac

#2. Once you turn it back on, press the pilihan, command, P, and R keys all together at a time.

#3. Once you hear the start-up chime, release all the keys. Great! You just successfully reset your NVRAM and PRAM.

Restart the Sound Controller

If your MacBook Pro sound is still not working after exhausting all the options mentioned above, you should restart the sound controller. It involves rilis Activity Monitor, but it’s a sederhana process. I will guide you through it.

– Navigate to the Application Icon, Klik on Utility and double-click on Activity Monitor to launch it.

– Tipe ‘coreaudiod’ in the search bar to locate the Core Audio controller.

– The next tahap is to klik on coreaudiod. After which, you should klik on ‘X’ in the toolbar to quit.

– Core audio will then restart.


There are several reasons why your MacBook Pro isn’t playing sound properly. But if you troubleshoot the issue using panduan outlined above, you should be able to final i in no time!

But if none of the suggestions above work for you, it’s best to leave your final to the pros. They should be able to detect the masalah with your sound sistem.

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